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John Matteson

"Last night, I upgraded to MTP v6.5. So far I have used it for only a couple of hours this morning. All I can say is WOW. I am impressed with the way you organized all the features and how easy it is to apply them to the charts. The software is extremely elegant in the way it allows you to organize your charts & analysis freeing up the trader to concentrate on finding and managing trades. Bravo, MTP 6 is something you should be very proud of."

Greg, Private Trader

About John Matteson    

While attending a private Liberal Arts school in the mid-90s, John realized he had a passion for the financial markets.  His desire was to become educated in all the various aspects of trading and investing - with the implicit goal of making a living for himself.

After leaving the University, John and his wife Livia moved to sunny Florida to pursue their dreams.  With his goal of becoming educated in the financial markets in mind, he promptly researched many of the major brokerage firms in the area.  After visiting several firms, including Merrill Lynch and American Express, he found a firm that met all his educational and support requirements in the Charles Schwab Corporation.

In 1996, John joined Charles Schwab as an Investment Specialist.  During his time there, he had the opportunity to work with Schwab’s Active Trader group which specialized in helping their most active stock and options traders with order execution, appropriate analysis and strategy implementation.  He also worked with Schwab’s then newly-created IPO team, Fixed Income Dept, as well as their Quality Assessment Department, where he monitored hundreds of brokers - making sure they remained in compliance with Schwab and regulatory agency requirements.

In 2002, Schwab decided to close its Active Trader division in Orlando.  John took this opportunity to begin trading full-time.  This was a dream finally realized.  He also began investing in properties and businesses and, in 2004, started a company that invested in and operated fitness clubs in Florida.

In 2007, John was presented with the Day Trading Institute’s Trader of the Year award.  He was also a guest moderator for their trading room and provided one-on-one mentorships for their clients.

Also in 2007, John started his own trading company.  He produced a basic training video to instruct clients in Market Structure Analysis, a method he developed for the stock index futures markets.  He continued to mentor students and moderated a trading room where he traded various methods in the live markets.

In 2008, John began developing and programming several trading systems for the stock and futures markets.  These systems were programmed for the eSignal® charting platform and provided users with precise buy, sell and stop levels.

Early in 2010, John worked for a former Schwab colleague who owned the local Online Trading Academy.  While there, he presented their half-day Power Trading Workshops and counseled students in their trading career paths.  This also gave him the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best professional traders in the industry.

John looks forward to serving the growing MTPredictor community in the US and showing traders how to trade like a professional using the MTPredictor trading software.

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