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Setup in Scanner but not on the Chart

I can see a Trade Setup in the Scanner, but it is not on my chart - why ?

The most likely  answer is that after you have clicked on the setup in the Scanner (to open a new chart), the real-time data on the last bar on the chart has already invalidated the setup so it is not shown on the chart.

In more detail.

Here is the setup in the Scanner and not on the Chart:

Click on the chart to enlarge


Why does this happen ?

It is because the Scanner only looks at the "last completed" bar, so when this was completed, there was a valid setup there. But, the chart plots in "real-time", so by the time the chart had been opened, the setup had already been invalidated (without being filled), so no setup was shown on the chart.


If we now look one bar later (as the next bar completes in the Scanner), you can see that the setup has now also been removed form the Scanner:


This tends to happen more often when using Daily Charts in the Real-time Scanner, this is because (when using Daily Bars) in the Scanner we only load the "last completed" Daily Bar, which is usually yesterday's bar. But the Charts themselves are "real-time". So care needs to be taken to make sure that you are only looking at the "last completed" Bar when making any Trading decisions.



Why has a setup just disappeared from my chart ?

A valid MTPredictor setup has just disappeared from my chart, so what is happening

Here is the initial chart:

Here we have a perfectly valid TS4 buy setup on the chart................ But the last (real-time) bar has started to rally and has already exceeded the high of the TS4 sell setup bar, but (and this is the important part) "without" first exceeding the setup bar's low.

This means that this TS4 buy setup has now been invalidated without any new trade being triggered or filled. When this happens you should cancel your orders as this setup is no longer valid.

Because the trade was not filled, and there you have no open trade position form this setup, there is no need to keep it on the chart. Therefore, when the new high creates a new pivot as the next bar completes, the TS4 setup is removed from this chart. The old TS4 setup is removed from the Scanner as well:

This is normal behaviour and how the software is designed to work.
Note: if (in this example) the high had been exceeded, and you were now in a trade, a "history triangle" would be placed on the chart once the new pivot low had been made.
In other words, we are only keeping a record on the chart of trades that were filled, and then stopped out. There is no need to keep a records of "potential" trades that were never filled.






Bug Reporting

How to report Bugs in MTPredictor v7.5

When reporting a bug please include the following:

  • A detailed description of what you were doing at the time of the Crash
  • A Screen Capture (or short video) of the program, (Jing is a free screen capture program that you can use for this )
  • Please also send us the applog.txt file (this is in the /Documents/MTPredictor 7.0/ Folder

This will help us narrow down what has happened and as such produce a quick fix....


FXCM Charts not updating

I am connected to FXCM, and I have a Chart loaded in MTPredictor v7.5, but the Chart is not updating in Real-time ?

The most likely reason for this is that you do not have this FXCM Symbol selected in the FXCM "Symbol List".

To check this, please log into your FXCM Trading Station, then select "Symbols", then a list of your Symbols will be shown:

Please select (tick) the ones that you wish to receive Real-Time data on.

NOTE: You can only follow a maximum of 20 Symbols at any one time



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