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Dear Steve. I would like to really thank you for investing your life in developing this wonderful software. I have been an elliott wave practioner for a decade and MTPREDICTOR in the past one month has really enhanced my ability to trade sucessfully. I have spent 14 hours a day trading across Equity, Commodity & Currency (Indian) markets using MTPREDICTOR and i must confess here that my trading style has seen a transformation. The advanced analysis section is a boon that helps me spot abc correction, count emerging trends and initiate trades with confidence. The real time scanner is another brilliant tool to spot opportunities. I have used other leading softwares for trading but the depth of realtime analysis that can be performed & trading opportunities that MT PRIDICTOR spots leaves competing softwares far behind. I am very satisfied with MTPREDICTOR, THANK YOU.

Rup, Private Trader

Do you offer a Trial

MTPredictor 15-day trial

We have 15-day trial peroid available for both MTPredictor V7.5 and the MTP RT add-ons for NinjaTrader 7. This is the fully working version of the MTPredictor software. We do not restrict what modules or features you may use. Note: For MTPredictor v 7.5 you will need a compatible data feed to run the software.

  • The initial payment costs $95 ($145 for the  Professional Edition), which is non refundable. 
  • You may cancel the balance payment at any time during the 15 days trial period, making the cost for your trial $95 (or $145 for the Professional edition).
  • During your 15-day trial period you will have access to all our MTPredictor support and on-going training.
  • Value-added tax (VAT) will be added at 19.0% for European Union (EU) sales


Purchase trial
To Purchase MTPredictor v7.5 or the MTP RT add-ons for NinjaTrader 7 please go to the  Purchase Page

If you have any questions or need help, please e-mail


How do I cancel my MTPredictor purchase

How do I cancel my MTPredictor purchase

MTPredictor is purchased in two stages, first $95 ($145 for the NinjaTrader Pro Edition) is taken at the time of the initial purchase, then 15 days later the balance is taken. BUT.............. you can cancel the second payment at any time during the 15 days trial period.
If you cancel the second payment, then your trial will still run for the original 15 days but only one payment (the initial $95 or $145 for the Pro Edition) will be taken.


How do I cancel the second instalment:

The easiest way to cancel the second instalment is to use the link in your original welcome email (from our shopping cart, cleverbridge)
This is what the cancelation link (in the email) looks like:

NOTE: this is not the actual Cancel Link, (it is just an example) the actual Cancel Link is in the email that was sent to you from our Shopping Cart, CleverBridge:

NOTE: This is not the actual Cancel link - Please use the link in the email that came from our Shopping cart, CleverBridge
If you have any questions, then please email


The Team at MTPredictor

How do I change my MTPredictor website Password

To change the password you use to access the members area of the MTPredictor website is simple and straightforward.

First login into the MTPredictor website using your email address and old password, then use the drop down at the top of the web site to open the yellow "Client Login" Panel:

Here you will find an option to "Change Password

Then you will be able to enter new Password details


I have forgotten my MTPredictor website Password

If you have forgotten your password you use to access the members section of the MTPredictor website, then you can be sent a link to reset your password. Once you have reset the password, you can change it back to a password you can remember, please see the FAQ on "How do I change my MTPredictor Website Password".


To reset your password, first go to the yellow drop down at the top of the main MTPredictor web site:

Here you will find a link called "Forgotten your Password. Click on this link and then follow the instructions

You will be asked to enter your email address, if your email address is in our system already then you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password


Note: if you do not receive the password reset email, then it probably means that we do not have your email address in our system. If this happens, then please email for instructions.

Paying by PayPal

How to Pay for MTPredictor using PayPal

When you use PayPal, you have to complete the MTPredictor purchase by actually "clicking" on the "Pay now by PayPal" link that is included in the email that is sent from our Shopping cart (Cleverbridge).

It will look like this:

Click on the image above to enlarge.....


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