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NinjaTrader 8 RT Add-ons

The added confidence MTPredictor has brought to my trading system has been invaluable and highly profitable. The more I use and understand the nuances of MTP, the better and fewer my trading decisions are becoming. So thanks Steve. I’m becoming a devoted fan.

David, Private Trader

MTP RT add-ons for NinjaTrader 8

If you need additional help after viewing the Help Videos below, then please email


Please make sure NinjaTrader 8 is closed before running any MTPredictor updates.

Help Videos

Installing the MTP RT add-ons

Templates (Chart and Market Analyzer)

Using the MTP RT add-ons

Additional Tools

Trade Module (additional Module - $499 extra)


Note: To Save and Restore your MTPredictor Analysis, please use:

Click on the image to expand.

 New Features

  • HG (Holy Grail) setup
  • VS (Volume Spike) setup
  • DP Trend Indicator
  • MTPTrend Indicator (combines the DPTrend and STF Indicators)
  • eMial alerts
  • Taking Partial Profits in the Trade Module
  • Target Order and trail with the STF order in the Trade Module



More Videos Coming soon..............



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