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I want to give you and all of MTPredictor a sincere thank you not only for your fantastic product, but more importantly, the superior customer service and obvious caring you guys demonstrate to us as your clients. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and wonderful teaching and guidance you offer. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated!!! Thank you.

David, Private Trader

MTPredictor on Trading View

Trading View is a web based charting solution that provides high quality on-line charts direct in your Web Browser.

MTPredictor is a collection of on-line tools for the Professional Trader that are available as a paid "plug-in" for Trading View.

Please take a look at the video above to see what MTPredictor can do for your Trading.


  • The MTPredictor add-ons can be applied to the Trading Viewcharting platform, enabling the 5 automatic set-ups to be found and alerted automatically. These are called TS1/TS2/TS3/TS4 and DP.
  • Position Sizing - lets you know how many contracts/lots/shares to trade to keep your initial risk small and under control.
  • Wave Price Target (WPT) support and resistance levels for the set-up, projected profit targets for the trade, full Risk/Reward analysis AND position-sizing are also available on the NinjaTrader charts themselves.
  • Historical Trade Analysis - learn from past signals.
  • Manual WPT module - Project "in advance" future support and resistance zones based on a manual Elliott Wave count.
  • Manual Decision point (DP) tool - Project "in advance" future support and resistance zones
  • Elliott Wave tool - find additional set-ups on your charts using our unique Isolation Approach to Elliott Wave analysis
  • High Volume (VSA) Spike Indicator - Trade in the direction of the "Professional" money.
  • Opening Gap Indicator - Take advantage of "inside" and "outside Gaps on the US e-minis
  • ATR Range Indicator - see what the "average move" in the market has been in the past to gauge today's anticipated daily range.

Risk assessment and money management, as well as advanced tools for the more experienced Trader is all provided for you!


The MTPredictor tools in Trading View are available for $149 per month, or $1,500 per year (prepay in advance). To purchase please go to

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