MTPredictor Customer Satisfaction

At MTPredictor we believe that looking after our Customers is a vital part of Software Sales, as well as making sure that Customers are happy with our products and service. As such, here are the result of a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey:

We asked our Customers:

  • Are you Happy with MTPredictor: 89% said Yes
  • On a Scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate MTPredictor: The average rating was 8.02
  • Would you recommend MTPredictor to a friend: 88% said Yes

Here are some of the Comments from our Customers in the Survey:

  • “best trading software there is, the customer support is second to none!”
  • “You guys are the real deal with a product that works. Your support is excellent as well.”
  • “Excellent trading software for the beginner and professional. Excellent trained staff who will guide and teach you how to best utilize the software to the full extent of its capabilities. There is NO better software available. If you have MTPredictor you do NOT need anything else. THIS IS THE REAL THING.”
  • “Very pleased, MTP is a great trading tool . I am grateful to your company for making it available.”
  • “MTP is the most rational methodology available to traders. It is by far the best tool to succeed in trading.”
  • “What makes MTPredictor so great is the on going free training. That kind of support is a huge value and shows how much they want to see their customers successful in trading.”
  • “Great. Have been a happy client for some time now.”
  • “I think the software is terrific”
  • “Great software if you learn how to use it properly. IF you aint prepared to put in the effort to learn you may as well go to the casino. hey who said trading was easy.”
  • “MTPredicitor is the basis for all my trading. As a full time trader it has proven itself over and over again”


Testimonials herein are unsolicited and may not be representative of the experience of other Customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Note: The Survey is based on 60 replies (this is probably low because the Survey was run just before Christmas).