Elliott Wave 3 trade setup

From my 34 years experience in the markets, I believe this is the best Elliott Wave setup there is. From reading the Elliott Wave Rules and Guidelines, you will have already seen that the strongest Elliott Wave is Wave (3), this is Guideline No: 1 so that is the best wave to trade. To enter at the start of the Wave (3) we need a method to enter at the end of the Wave (2). From Guideline No: 4 we have seen that Wave (2) usually unfolds as a simple ABC. So based on this, if we look to enter a new trade on the end of a Wave (2) that has just unfolded as a simple abc correction. Then we are in the best place to then trade the strong Wave (3) swing.

So what points do we need to look for ?

First we need to identify an important high or low. Which is usually DP Support / Resistance on the Higher time frame chart. This is the starting point. Then we need to identify the initial swing off this important high or low, this is the Wave (1). Next we look for the first correction following the initial swing after an important high or low. This is the Wave (2). This initial correction should unfold as a simple abc pattern.

Let’s see what this looks like:

For a more detailed look on a real-world example here is a short (8min) video showing this unfolding on a:

5min Chart of the Dax

As you can see, getting in at the end of the Wave (2), ie the start of the Wave (3), then allows you to keep your initial risk small. To then take full advantage of the Strong Wave (3) swing as it unfolds. Now you can see why this is my favourite setup. Not because it has a high % of winners, but because it has the potential for Profits that are much larger than the initial risk.