MTPredictor Customer Area

In the MTPredictor Customer Area, you will be able to view recordings of past teaching webinars (The Tuesday Webinars), as well as download the most recent builds of the MTPredictor software.

If you susbcribed to MTPredictor after 15-Feb 2021, then please use the button below to go the the new MTPredictor Customers/Accounts Area:

If you susbcribed to MTPredictor before 15-Feb 2021, then please use the button bellow to go the the old MTPredictor Customers Area:

Please Note

  • This uses a completely different system to the MTPredictor Software licencing and registration, as such will have different login details. This is just for access to the web site and not for unlocking your software.



If you just need to reinstall your software, then there is no need to go to the Customer Area, this can be done from within your software directly:

  • For NinjaTrader (7 and 8), please go to the NinjaTrader Control Panel, then Tools > MTPredictor > Download.
  • For MTPredictor 8.1, on the top menu Bar please go to Help > Download.