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My MTP Trade Module will not show

If you have problems displaying your MTP Trade Module Panel. For example when you click on the MTP Trade Button and nothing happens, then it may be because there is another Panel on your NT8 Chart that is causing a conflict.

For example:

The solution is to remove this extra Panel, then the MTP Trade Module will appear when you click on the MTP Trade Button.

Sometimes, you may have added this other Panel onto your default Chart Template, so it will always appear when you open a new NT8 Chart. If this is the case, then you will need to remove this additional Panle and then re-save the Default NT8 Chart Templet so it only loads with a bare chart, with no additional Panels or tools.

Please see this NinjaTrader 8 help page:

If needed, please contact NinjaTrader support for guidance on how to achieve this.

Please remember that although MTPredictor has automatic setups, we do not suggest that you just follow these blindly as if it were a black box mechanical system, judgement is needed in filtering the automatic setups, particularly with respect a clear larger degree trend. Each Trader must take responsibility for deciding on whether their own Analysis is clear and fits in with their own (personal and unique) Trading Plan.