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Stand-alone version
MTPredictor 8.1
Upgrade into MTPredictor 8.1 (stand-alone) version
NT8 add-ons
NinjaTrader 8 add-ons
Upgrade into MTP add-ons for NinjaTrader 8
MTP Trade Module
MTP Trade Module
Add the MTP Trade Module for current NT8 users

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System Requirements

  • MTPredictor 8.1 (and the NinjaTrader add-ons) can run on both a 32-bit or a 64-bit PC running Windows 7 or Windows 10. We recommend Windows 10.
  • MTPredictor 8.1 (and the RT add-ons) need a Windows operating system, but can run on an iMac when using PC emulation software such as VMware or Parallels.
  • Memory: We recommend a PC with at least 8GB of Ram, and ideally 12GB (or more) is better for power users.