Priority Support Plan

This plan gives current MTPredictor legacy Customers (Customers who are not on a current monthly/yearly Subscription Plan) access to the latest MTPredictor builds, containing new features and bug fixes. And now access to the new MTPredictor Customers Forum as well.

Due to the ever changing nature of Software, it has become impossible to guarantee that any MTPredictor product will continue to work as new threats and hackers appear. As such, it has become necessary to update MTPredictor, and its component parts, more regularly. This includes our “in house” systems, as well as our software versions installed on end users PC’s. To allow us to continue to combat these threats and keep our MTPredictor software up to date and current, we have launched our new Priority Support Plan. This will allow all our legacy Customers to have access to the latest MTPredictor versions, that contain up to date code and bug fixes.

The new Priority Support Plan is available on a Yearly Subscription.

Please remember – all purchases are final: No Refunds.

Priority Support Plan
per year
For current MTPredictor legacy Customers

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A subscription means that you will have to keep up payments to continue to have access to the latest MTPredictor builds.

Cancellation takes effect at the end of the term. There are No refunds.

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