MTPredictor Training

At MTPredictor we are proud of the level of support and training we give our Customers. This includes:

  • Free Training Room.
  • Free help Videos.
  • Free PDF Manuals and additional training material.

MTPredictor Training Room

This is a Training Room for MTPredictor customers. We do not call live trades, the room is designed to take Customers, who are currently using the Software, to much higher levels with our Advanced Tools and setups. Although this room is for people who are already using the MTPredictor software, non MTPredictor Customers are also welcome to get a taste of what the software can do.

MTPredictor Training Videos

The Training Videos are designed especially to help you become a better trader and get the most from the software.

MTPredictor Training PDFs

The Training Reports designed to help you in your own trading.


Please check out the Understanding Forex section as this will help you if you are new to Forex.