MTPredictor Training Room

This is a Training Room for MTPredictor customers only. We do not call live trades, the room is designed to take Customers, who are currently using the Software, to higher levels with our Advanced Tools and setups.

The room will be open for 40 mins on Tuesday’s, between 9:00am – 9:40am EST (USA Time). The Room host will be Steve Griffiths, MTPredictor Developer.

Steve will conduct Advanced Training with the MTPredictor software, to teach Customers how to get the most from the software – this session is a MUST if you want to learn how to use MTPredictor to its full potential.

Customers will be emailed a link on the day before, to get into the session for the next day.


“Hi Steve, 

Another great webinar again yesterday, it’s so refreshing how you continue to provide these training sessions to help educate us with not just the good but also the bad. Keep it up please! it is such a great help.


Private Trader

I always enjoy your training and the devotion you demonstrate to your “following” each week. However, today’s training was probably one of the VERY best. I am sure it can be a bit challenging having to refresh our brains but know that it is most helpful and most unusual for trading system “guru’s” to invest time in their clientele such as you do weekly. It is appreciated.


Private Trader

” Hi Steve:

If it was a different world – you would be known as a WIZARD!!

I was just marking my NQ charts this morning. On the 15 minute chart there is TS2 buy signal from 1st of February. Even though the Analysis shows a healthy 8:1 return – but what caught my eye  is that the price reached to Maximum Wave 3 – TO THE TICK!!

I don’t know what magic you know, but I will have to pay more attention to your wizardry!!



Private Trader

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Recordings of prior webinars are available for Customers.